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Entrepreneurial success is determined by an idea's execution, not by its innovativeness. Today, most small companies will fail despite their resourcefulness, creativity, and grit if they lack specialized business knowledge. MicroCap Marketing eliminates this risk by providing its clients with advanced business strategy and implementation normally out of reach to small and mid-size companies.


Customized marketing solutions for startups, public-private partnerships, and nano-cap through micro-cap companies.


MicroCap Marketing minimizes the pressure of challenging time frames, clarifies complicated business processes, and helps clients connect to broad corporate networks.


MicroCap Marketing lightens the burden of growing, funding, and maintaining a business by consulting with clients on marketing, investing, and business strategy needs.


MicroCap Marketing removes the practical constraints facing small companies and accelerates growth, leaving clients with more time to spend cultivating their product.


MicroCap Marketing connects small companies with potential clients, investors, and corporations through targeted marketing strategies and personal introductions.


Rachel Isaman

MicroCap Marketing
Founder and CEO

Rachel Isaman earned a Global M.B.A., with specializations in marketing and entrepreneurship, from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science in International Business from American University.

Since graduating, Rachel has worked extensively with marketing departments and entrepreneurs in the technology, publishing, cable and digital media sectors. She was the Marketing Manager to a digital media publishing company, an overseas clean-energy consultant for a Swedish offshore wind farm, and an award-winning marketing analyst credited for boosting a global newspaper’s circulation in the European Union.

Rachel currently oversees both the Media Technology Accelerator 2.0 and the Education Vertical at Innovation Pavilion, the only tech incubator in Denver South. She interacts on a daily basis with startups, tech incubator members, and corporate partners, and has seen too many small businesses struggle with marketing and business strategy. She founded MicroCap Marketing to assist burgeoning small businesses that could not hire full-time marketing managers.


Julie Melville

conBrio & Interact Products
Founder and CEO

For a startup entrepreneur the mission-critical business/investor information packet is a daunting process and organizational maze at the very least. For my business, a new technology platform, writing from a perspective other than my own was difficult. After 4 years of planning and creating new iterations, I am too close to present the right perspective.

Rachel Isaman helped organize and simplify the various categories an investor wants to see, helped me gather the right information, and put it in a voice an investor would understand. There are 50 pages of financials, reports, explanations and summaries that would never have come together without her expertise. Additionally, the process dovetailed with finishing up a comprehensive business plan.

The real value is that it helped me gel the language and clarified the conversation so well I was able to win a spot on the Denver Chamber version of Shark Tank, called Trout Tank, which then secured some financing to make a big leap forward.

Don’t think about this even one more second, or say “maybe later.” Call her now!!


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